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Most people think of hospitals as places to heal and recover. So it’s especially awful when predatory hospital billing practices take advantage of sick patients for profit.

You may have heard stories and hoped it would never happen to you: patients getting unexpected hospital bills in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes when discharged and sometimes months after their hospital treatments. The Durango Herald recently covered this predatory practice happening at Mercy Regional Health Center, a part of Centura Health Colorado.

If you think health insurance shields you from this type of financial misconduct, think again. You could get a surprise bill even if you’re covered by insurance.

Harlan Law has filed a class-action lawsuit against Centura Health Colorado for predatory billing practices that have left patients with astronomical medical bills.

Are you a patient who has been affected by Centura’s misconduct? Do you have a family member who received unexpected medical bills from Centura Health?

  • Have you been surprised by high co-pays and post-procedure medical bills?
  • Did you have to agree to pay all known and unknown costs as a condition of receiving medical treatment, including life-saving medical treatment?
  • Have you gotten a statement of charges months after your treatment or procedure at Centura Health Colorado without any explanation or an itemized bill? 

Then you might be entitled to damages in a class action settlement. The claims of all affected patients in this class-action lawsuit could amount to $5 million or more.

Medical bills can devastate an entire family’s finances. Most ordinary people don’t know how to navigate the medical billing world. Oftentimes, patients sign forms for treatments they need to get well, not realizing their signature will make them responsible for huge costs.

These practices are unethical and illegal. We don’t stand for this type of abusive behavior at Harlan Law. We’re here to fight for patients. Let us fight for your rights while you get better.

Harlan Law is currently taking cases to join a class-action lawsuit against Centura Health Colorado. Call our offices today at (970) 462-9599 for a free consultation if you or a loved one has experienced predatory billing practices at Centura Health Colorado facilities.

About the Centura Health Colorado Billing Class Action Lawsuit

Harlan Law and Blood Hurst & O’Reardon have filed the first class-action lawsuit against Centura Health Colorado in the United States District Court of Colorado. Our law firms have advocated for patients’ rights for years. We take care of patients.

Click here to read our complaint filed with the court on June 15, 2020.

Predatory billing practices have no place in the medical system.

Medical billing can naturally be overwhelming for patients. Most medical billing professionals complete several courses and need years of experience. It’s unreasonable to expect a patient to understand complicated hospital billing practices. Especially when that patient or their family is already dealing with the health condition that brought them to the hospital.

The healthcare system has an inherent imbalance of power. Predatory billing behavior takes advantage of patients when their health or lives are on the line.

Examples of Predatory Billing Practices

Call our attorneys now at (970) 462-9599 if you’ve experienced any of the following at any Centura Health location in Colorado:

  • You had to sign a Service Agreement without any explanation of its terms.
  • You had to sign this Service Agreement before getting the treatment you needed.
  • The Service Agreement made you agree to pay all known and unknown charges.
  • You had no chance to review or discuss the terms with a Centura representative.
  • You didn’t get a cost estimate or your cost estimate was inaccurate.
  • Medication costs and other known costs were omitted from your cost estimate.
  • You had to pay an “estimated personal responsibility” at the time of your service.
  • You had to pay these charges after a medical screening exam.
  • You were charged for “outside medications” during your stay at a Centura facility.
  • You were charged for medications you never actually received.
  • Your statements did not show individual charges, payments, and adjustments.
  • Agents of Centura Health threatened or aggressively attempted to collect payment.

These predatory billing practices can cause incredible financial hardship for patients and their families. Not only that, but inaccurate estimates and omitted costs stop patients from shopping around to find the most cost-effective treatment options.

Centura’s billing system allowed the hospital to operate in a less transparent way, opening the door to financial abuse. Patients were billed outrageous amounts for items like routine medication, over-the-counter pain relievers, and vitamins.

Class-Action Complaints Against Centura Health in Colorado

A class-action lawsuit compiles similar cases with similar fact patterns into a single case that represents the interest of everyone in the group.

If you’ve experienced predatory billing practices at Centura Health Colorado, you might have a claim to join the class-action lawsuit. Call Harlan Law today at (970) 462-9599 for a no-cost, no-risk consultation. We want to hear about your experience with Centura Health.

Our class-action lawsuit puts forward the following claims:

Breach of Contract

  • Centura Health’s patient contract requires the hospital to give patients an accurate estimate of costs before their treatment.
  • Centura Health failed to follow its own contractual requirements to provide accurate estimates to patients before their medical treatments.
  • Centura Health breached its contract with patients by charging them costs unknown until after the treatment or procedure was completed.

Breach of Implied Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing

  • Based on the terms of the Service Agreement, patients expected Centura Health to disclose and provide the costs of medications they would need during their treatment.
  • By failing to disclose costs, Centura abused its power under the Service Agreement and breached the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.
  • Patients were forced to pay charges they would not have otherwise incurred had they received an itemized list of charges and out-of-pocket expenses.

Centura Health and Affiliated Locations

Centura Health Corporation is a Colorado nonprofit corporation headquartered in Centennial, Colorado. Centura Health has locations in both Colorado and western Kansas.

Centura was originally formed by Adventist Health System and Catholic Health Initiatives.

  • Adventist Health System is a large nonprofit on the U.S. west coast and in Hawaii.
  • Catholic Health Initiatives is the 3rd largest nonprofit health system in the U.S.

Colorado Hospitals Affected by Centura Billing Complaints

We want to hear from patients whether your hospital is on this list or not.

Call our offices now at (970) 462-9599 for your free consultation.

Hospitals that could be involved in this case:

  • Mercy Regional Medical Center
  • Mercy Orthopedic Associates

A Local Experienced Class Action Attorney You Can Trust

Harlan Law is a Colorado class-action law firm and longtime patient advocate. At our firm, clients are family. Your problems are our problems.

Our job is to take the legal burden off your shoulders and get you the compensation you deserve for the harm that you’ve suffered. As a patient, your concern should be getting better – not how you’re going to pay for thousands of dollars in surprise medical bills.

What Can You Do If You Have a Claim Against Centura Health?

Call us at (970) 462-9599 today for a free consultation with an experienced Colorado class-action lawyer. Let’s talk about what happened and discuss your options moving forward.

Patients have rights. What you need right now is a strong advocate on your side.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Centura Lawsuit

What Is a Class Action Lawsuit?

When multiple people suffer the same kind of harm or loss, they can bring a class action lawsuit together against the responsible party.

Class actions bring similar claims together. This helps pool resources. One or a few class members become the class “representatives” who take the case to court. These plaintiffs represent the interests of all the affected class members.

Class action cases tend to be big, with many people affected and a lot at stake. Fortunately, class action lawsuits simplify the process for class members.

How Much Will This Cost Me?

Harlan Law takes cases on a contingency fee basis, which means you don’t pay us anything until we recover damages for you.

What Is a Class Action Settlement?

Many class action cases end in negotiated settlements. Settlements are agreements to pay a certain amount in damages to the class as a whole.

Class members can then claim their part of the settlement.

Settlement payments are meant to make the injured party whole again. A class action settlement involving Centura could cover:

  • Costs and expenses you incurred as a result of Centura’s predatory billing
  • Costs you incurred for medications while being treated at Centura Health
  • Any interest on the amounts awarded above
  • Attorney’s fees and litigation costs
  • Punitive damages

What Are Punitive Damages?

Punitive damages are meant to punish the responsible party and deter bad behavior.

Punitive damages aren’t available in all cases. They are most often awarded when the defendant’s conduct is especially offensive. This includes fraud.

Harlan Law has filed to recover punitive damages from Centura Health for its predatory billing of patients. We believe it’s especially offensive to take advantage of patients when they are at their most vulnerable – when their health and lives are at stake.

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