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Pressure cookers are more popular than ever according to the statistics. The year 2019 saw over $50 million in pressure cooker sales. It’s hard to argue with a product that’s so convenient and useful for modern Americans – but these common appliances come with dangerous risks.

Defective pressure cooker accidents continue to be a problem, resulting in injuries, recalls, and lawsuits. Why do these accidents happen and what can you do if it happens to you?

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Is It Common for Pressure Cookers to Explode?

Pressure cooker explosions are more common than you might realize. Their increase in popularity and daily use makes it more likely for defective products to malfunction.

In recent years, over a dozen pressure cooker brands have had to recall their products from the market. Nearly two dozen brands have been sued for injuries after an explosion. Millions of defective units are still in use across the country.

What Would Cause a Pressure Cooker to Explode?

Most pressure cooker accidents are caused by defective design or defective manufacturing.

In order to protect users from injury, pressure cooker lids aren’t supposed to come off while the contents inside are under pressure. A defective product allows the user to remove the lid even when the pressure cooker is pressurized – and usually without warning.

Many people who suffer injuries in pressure cooker explosions had no idea that the contents inside were still under pressure when they removed the lid. They assumed that the product was working as intended and that the lid would come off only when it was safe. This is not the user’s fault – the product manufacturer has a responsibility to create a safe product that works the way users expect it to, without the risk of serious bodily harm.

What Would Happen if a Pressure Cooker Exploded?

Most pressure cookers only pressurize as much as a can of shaken soda. This might not sound like much until you realize the contents inside a pressure cooker can get up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. So imagine that soda can exploding, except the soda causes severe burns.

Most people use their pressure cookers on their kitchen counters at home. So when this kind of accident happens, users or their family members could be standing right next to the explosion.

The hot contents inside a pressure cooker can cause second or third-degree burns. Children or pets could get caught up in the blast, which can also cause major property damage. Those standing close enough could fall or get knocked back, causing traumatic brain injuries. You may suffer injuries to your eyes, with permanent consequences to your vision.

In short, the damage after a pressure cooker explosion could be catastrophic. You or a family member may need extensive medical treatment for burns or other injuries. In some cases, a full recovery may not be possible and you may have to deal with permanent scarring or disability.

A personal injury lawsuit can help you recover for the losses you’ve suffered, compensating you for the resulting medical bills, pain and suffering, and property damage.

What Brands of Pressure Cookers Have Exploded?

Unfortunately, the number of pressure cooker brands with explosions on their record increases every year. Some of the most popular brands include Instant Pot, Tabletops Unlimited, Mealthy, Fagor EZ Lock, Ninja Foodi, Sunbeam Products, Tristar Products, Cuisinart, and Conair Corp.

You can read a more complete list of exploding pressure cooker brands here. The legal team at Harlan Law has filed lawsuits against a number of these companies on behalf of injured clients. 

Can a Pressure Cooker Kill You in an Explosion?

While pressure cookers often cause severe injuries, death from a pressure cooker explosion is rare. This is because pressure cookers don’t often “explode” – the hot ingredients inside most often get expelled violently when the lid is removed under pressure. Most injuries result not from the force of the explosion itself, but because of the consequences of the explosion.

Still, while death from a pressure cooker explosion is rare, it’s not impossible. If you’re standing close enough, you could get knocked back by the force of the blast. A hard fall or a part of the pressure cooker hitting an individual could cause traumatic brain injuries or result in death. If a person was killed from a pressure cooker explosion, the surviving family can file a wrongful death claim.

What Should You Do if Your Pressure Cooker Is Recalled?

Multiple pressure cookers have been recalled from the market for being defective over the years, including popular brands like Fagor, HSN, Maxi-Matic, Tabletops Unlimited, and Tristar. If you find out that your pressure cooker model has been recalled, you should follow the recall instructions immediately. Otherwise, you risk the possibility of serious injury.

What if you get injured because a defective pressure cooker was recalled but you didn’t find out about the recall until it was too late? You could still have a successful lawsuit. The manufacturer remains responsible for the defective products they put out into the world.

Can You File a Lawsuit if Your Pressure Cooker Explodes?

Yes. In fact, filing a personal injury lawsuit could make a huge difference in your recovery after a pressure cooker explosion. If your case is successful, you can get financial compensation for your injuries and the damage to your home, not to mention your pain and suffering.

Burn injuries, traumatic brain injuries, or severe injuries to your hands or eyes may require serious medical treatment and long-term rehabilitative care. These types of injuries could impact your ability to do your job, affecting your source of income. A proper personal injury settlement should cover any income you can expect to lose as a consequence – as well as any medical bills or expenses related to your injury, no matter how far in the future they may be.

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