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We realize that our clients want to have access to their lawyer throughout the legal process. Making it a point to be available or to promptly return a call is part of the experience you will receive with Harlan Law, PC. This personal service and attention often involves Jordon Harlan driving or flying to meet clients wherever it is most convenient.

The legal process can be a tiresome and difficult one to handle; whether your matter is big or small in someone else’s eyes, we realize it is always a major concern to you. Our duty to you is to relieve your worries and reassure you that we are working as a partner to have your matter resolved quickly and in your favor.

If you have found yourself entangled in a legal matter and need a lawyer to answer your questions, call us anytime – day or night – at 619-870-0802. Your call will be routed to an attorney, and your consultation is always private and has no obligation.

What Else Makes Us Different?

Law firms enter the practice of law in many forms. There are those that see it as a business to gather large volumes of cases and perhaps resolve a matter that accommodates the masses.

Some use television commercials or radio ads because they need the business to stay in business. And there are those that see a case and apply the same strategy they have used before. However, everyone’s legal issues are unique and the result is not as favorable as it could have been.

Then there is our firm’s approach to representing our clients. Harlan Law’s approach is fundamentally different because we change our litigation strategy from case-to-case depending on the client’s desired outcome.


  • First off, we know you need someone to listen. That is right where we begin — listening. Tell us what happened: the details, the coincidences, and perhaps the consequences and let us understand what occurred completely and thoroughly.
  • How we then help: explaining your situation in plain terms. We will eliminate legal jargon so you can understand with total clarity how your case is unfolding. This helps our clients relax and fully understand the direction of their case.
  • The next step: making things better again. We know your legal matter has deeply impacted your life, whether it be physical or emotional. Your well-being is paramount. We will work together to make you whole again.
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