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Employment Law

$9,372,000 - Buron v. Concentra Health Services, Inc., et al. - Violation CFRA/FMLA Leave / Age Discrimination / Retaliation

Marilyn Buron, a 69-year-old certified hand therapist took a job-protected leave of absence to care for her adult disabled son. While on her leave of absence, Concentra, including some of its highest executives, decided to terminate her contract. She was replaced by a less qualified 28-year-old. When Ms. Buron returned to work, her contract was terminated and she was demoted to an “as-needed” position with no guaranteed schedule or salary. Concentra contended Ms. Buron had no interest in working a full-time schedule and suffered minimal disruption as she found a new job within 4 months. The jury awarded 1.56M in compensatory damages and 7.8M in punitive damages. Defendant made no offer to resolve the case before trial.

$450,000 - Sexual Harassment


$220,000 - PAGA and Individual Settlement for Wage and Hour Violations


$150,000 - Sexual Harassment


Personal Injury Case Results

$1,350,000 - Bergstrom v. Bolger, et al.

Plaintiff was an elderly woman who was hit by Defendant’s vehicle as Plaintiff legally crossed the street. Plaintiff suffered catastrophic injuries. Plaintiff obtained the policy limits of all insurance available.

$1,200,000 - Gomez v. City of Cerritos (Trip and Fall)

In Gomez v. City of Cerritos, Plaintiff was attending a concert when she tripped over a black cord stretched across an aisle that was not taped down. The tripping event caused a painful heel fracture with permanent, chronic pain. Plaintiff had less than $20,000 in medical bills. The case was resolved shortly after opening statements.

$1,000,000 - Collins v. Nationwide (Rear End Collision)

Plaintiff was rear-ended by an uninsured driver and sustained various injuries to his knee, toe, and hand. Plaintiff recovered the entirety of his underinsured motorist policy from his own insurance.

$850,000 - Slip and Fall


$740,000 - Lin, et al. v. JC Plumbing & Heating, Inc., et al. (House Fire)

Plaintiffs’ HOA hired a plumbing company to fix piping around their water heater. Defendant performed substandard plumbing and soldering work, which caused a fire to start and damaged or destroyed the entirety of Plaintiffs’ unit.

$500,000 - Manzanero v. Estate of Mohler (Auto Collision)

In Manzanero v. Estate of Mohler, Defendant was driving under the influence of alcohol and died when his vehicle rolled over. Defendant’s accident caused serious injuries to Plaintiff including severe emotional distress.

$400,000 - Auto Collision Involving Concussion / Brain Injury


$300,000 - Golf Cart Accident

Plaintiff sustained a severely fractured ankle when the golf cart he was riding in rolled over due to the negligence of the driver.

$280,000 - Product Defect - Pressure Cooker Explosion Burn


$210,000 - Auto Collision Involving Concussion

(Brain Injury)

$200,000 - Auto v. Pedestrian (Underinsured Motorist)

Plaintiff was lawfully crossing the street when Defendant failed to yield and struck her. Plaintiff obtained the policy limits of all insurance available.

$200,000 - Product Defect - Pressure Cooker Explosion Burn


$195,000 - Product Defect - E-Scooter


$185,000 - ATV Collision with Pedestrian

Plaintiff was struck by an ATV driven by a child of the owner. The Plaintiff was required to be airlifted by helicopter from the scene of the accident.

$150,000 - Breach of Contract / Misclassification of Physician as Independent Contractor


Medical Malpractice Case Results

$2,800,000 - Medical Malpractice / Negligence

A weight loss facility negligently prescribed medication that caused the Plaintiff to suffer an aneurysm, brain bleed, and permanent disability. Plaintiff obtained the policy limits of all insurance available.

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