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Whether it is due to age, circumstances out of your control, or some other unforeseen factor, there comes a time when bodies may require a medical device. From pacemakers to artificial hips to defibrillators, medical devices can help improve a patient’s quality of life. However, when the device in question is defective, the consequences can be severe, even deadly.

Have you or a loved one received a defective medical device that later caused significant harm? At Harlan Law, we know first-hand how devastating this situation can be, and we offer our deepest sympathies. You put your trust into a medical device, only to have that trust broken. And as a result, you were unfairly left suffering. Yet, you do not have to face this difficult time alone.

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What Is a Defective Medical Device?

As mentioned above, when a medical device proves to be defective, the results can be particularly alarming. In most cases, it takes a painful and invasive surgical procedure to implement a medical device, in which the device actually becomes part of the patient. Therefore, when the device stops working, or failed to work properly to begin with, it is difficult to replace.

Specifically, a new surgery will be required, a surgery that can possibly be even more painful and invasive than the previous one. With this new surgery, you may also face further expenses and obstacles, such as hospital bills and more recovery time. The longer you wait to have this new surgery performed, the more damage the defective medical device could cause, especially if your body requires a working device in order to function.

What Causes a Medical Device to Become Defective?

Though all companies that make and sell medical devices are required to research and test their devices  thoroughly, this does not always take place. When devices are later proven to be defective, it is often due to devices being rushed to market, without having had the proper design or safety test.

It is also important to know that the entire medical devices – as a whole – is not always defective. Sometimes, just an individual component of the device can be broken or faulty, resulting in a defective product. Regardless, the company has a responsibility to not only produce quality devices, but to also warn the public when a safety issue may be present.

Simply put, a medical device may be defective by its design, by the manufacture, or by the manufacturer’s failure to warn patients of the the side effects.

Common Types of Defective Medical Devices

Consider any type of medical device your body may one day need. Unfortunately, when precautions are not taken, these devices can become defective. Common medical devices that have the potential to become defective include the following:

  • Defibrillators
  • Pacemakers
  • Artificial Hips
  • Artificial Knees
  • Screws/Plates in Body
  • Breast Implants
  • Hernia Mesh
  • Shoulder Replacements
  • IVC Blood Clot Filters
  • Transvaginal Mesh

Remember, the products listed above are just possible examples of defective medical devices. If you happen to have one of these devices, it does not mean it is automatically compromised. Yet, some of these medical devices, as well as others, have been know to cause significant injuries, depending on their use and location. Remember, not all injuries are physical. Patients can suffer emotionally and financially, too.

Who Is Liable for a Defective Medical Device?

More times than not, when a medical device is known to be defective and cause harm, the manufacturer is held liable in some way. However, other parties may be responsible, too, including:

  • Laboratories
  • Sales Representatives
  • Physicians
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Pharmacies

Unfortunately, cases involving defective medical devices can often be complex, even expensive. Therefore, it is usually best to work with a California defective medical device attorney to assist you with the process, making it easier and smoother. After all, you have suffered through more than enough. Now, your main priority should be healing.

Contact a California Defective Medical Device Attorney

It is never easy or fair to watch a loved one suffer. If you or someone you know has experienced pain due to a defective medical device in the State of California, the attorneys at Harlan Law want you to know how sorry we are for this unfortunate and unfair time in your life. Of course, the experience is only made worse, considering your trust was completely violated. While we cannot undo or change the past, we can assist you in moving on with your life. Though compensation is not everything, a monetary settlement could assist with medical bills, as well as other costs associated with the faulty medical device in question.

To schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with a California defective medical device attorney, please contact Harlan Law today by calling 619-870-0802. From making phones calls on your behalf to collecting medical records, we will handle every aspect of your case, giving you an opportunity to properly recover.

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