The Opioid Trials


Opioid Crisis – Who’s Accountable?

No one starts taking prescription painkillers planning to become addicted to them. Usually, doctors prescribe opioids to treat moderate to severe pain that doesn’t respond well to other medications. These powerful drugs bind to opioid

Sharp Invasion of Privacy


When you enter a medical facility to give birth or have an operation, the last thing you expect is for these private moments to be videotaped. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to nearly 1,800 patients at Sharp Grossmont Hospital in

The Dangers of E-Cigarettes


The dangers of smoking cigarettes are well known. Not only does smoking cause cancer, but it also damages the lungs, heart, blood vessels, reproductive organs, skin, and bones. While most smokers are aware of the risks, the addictive nature of …

Understanding California’s Wrongful Death Law


No one ever wants to hear that a loved one has died. While always tragic, the news is especially devastating when the individual has been killed by another person or entity. The emotional distress for surviving family members is often …

Have You Been in an Uber or Lyft Car Accident?


lyft and uber icons

It’s likely that you’ve not only heard of both Uber and Lyft, two very popular transportation mobile applications, but that you’ve also used them. Whether you needed a ride to the airport, a designated driver after a night out or

Another Talc Powder Ovarian Cancer Case Heads to Trial


Another Talc Powder Ovarian Cancer Case Heads to Trial


A seemingly innocent product you may have in your bathroom is capable of causing ovarian cancer, according to thousands of lawsuits and three jury verdicts.


The substance is talc …

Remington Rifle Defective Triggers Firing On Their Own


Recall Expected Soon in Remington 700 Trigger Lawsuit


It’s every responsible gun owner’s worst nightmare: a weapon firing without someone pulling the trigger. It seems unfathomable, yet this has been occurring with a popular Remington rifle for years, according …

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