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Harlan Law is the Southern California co-counsel you can count on when you need a local attorney’s expertise. We specialize in personal injury, mass torts, and class action cases. Our San Diego law firm welcomes relationships with lawyers from around the country whose civil litigation matters lead them into California legal territory.

Good help is hard to find. When a client matter brings you to an unfamiliar state, you want to continue providing them the same quality of service that they’ve come to expect from you. That means hiring someone you can trust to provide the counsel you and your client need for success. But how do you find a local co-counsel who’s right for you?

Our firm is one of the most experienced and well-regarded plaintiffs’ firms in San Diego and the greater Southern California region. When you partner with Harlan Law, you get the benefits of:

  • Our extensive California civil litigation experience,
  • Our firm’s familiarity and rapport with local judges,
  • Our experience with local rules and opposing counsel,
  • Our strong connections in the local legal and business communities,
  • Regular, responsive communication, meetings, and updates,
  • The ability to scale our involvement with your needs, and
  • Our contingency fee structure.

We also act as competent and capable conflict counsel when California’s legal ethics rules prevent you from representing your clients on particular matters.

You may be the most experienced lawyer where you practice, but you know that local nuances can make all the difference in a case. California is arguably one of the most complex jurisdictions in the U.S., with a vast body of unique and idiosyncratic jurisprudence.

No matter your experience elsewhere, an attorney’s unfamiliarity with state or local laws can create major challenges and severely disadvantage your client’s case. Hiring a reliable local co-counsel is the best decision you can make for your peace of mind and your client’s success.

Harlan Law has established a reputation for excellent client care, tenacious legal representation, and formidable results both locally and nationally. We frequently work with out-of-state firms to cover their local California representation needs, whether on a case-by-case or long-term counsel basis. Our goal is to establish beneficial relationships where out-of-state counsel and their clients can call on us again and again when they need us.

We’re always honored to team up with other attorneys to help their clients. Call us at (619) 870-0802 to speak with Jordon about a local co-counsel arrangement today.

A Local California Co-Counsel to Meet Your Needs

Based on you and your client’s preferences, our law firm can take on as much or as little a role in the case as you require. We are your eyes, ears, and advocates on the ground.

Jordon Harlan and his team can meet you where you need us. Our co-counsel services can be tailored to exactly what you require. We can share or split responsibilities or even take primary responsibility if necessary. Our role could involve:

  • Providing insight into local issues
  • Trying cases or arguing appeals
  • Prepping for trial or serving as lead trial counsel
  • Acting as local counsel or lead counsel
  • Representing you and your client in local proceedings
  • Counseling you on challenges of California law
  • Acting as conflict counsel to meet local legal ethics rules

We also welcome referral relationships with substantial referral fees and regular updates on the status of your case.

Above all, any successful co-counsel partnership must be based on trust. At Harlan Law, we are fully invested in the success of our co-counsel clients. If you work with us, you can expect consistent and transparent communication. We make sure all the parties involved understand and agree on goals, legal strategy, and financial responsibilities.

No matter what our role may be, we always strive to be a valuable resource and provide the highest quality service and legal advice. Our goal is for you and your clients to get the maximum benefit from our co-counsel relationship.

A Successful Local Co-Counsel Partnership

As a lawyer, you strive to provide your clients with the best representation possible. Sometimes you get cases that require a different level of access, experience, or knowledge than you can offer. Whether your issue is based on geography or expertise, Harlan Law is here to help.

Our Southern California plaintiff’s law firm specializes in civil litigation, in particular personal injury, mass torts, and class action cases. The Harlan Law team has years of experience successfully pursuing these types of matters and recovering millions of dollars in total awards for our clients.

Maybe you’re a defense attorney whose client has a personal injury claim. Or you’ve handled individual claims before but never mass torts or class actions. Our seasoned team is available to partner with other attorneys to provide the knowledge and expertise they need for success. As co-counsel, we can work together to grow your understanding of the law and provide the best legal strategy for your client. Our contingency fee structure allows for a beneficial partnership without high costs upfront.

Co-counsel partnerships can be invaluable in personal injury litigation, where you often face corporations or insurance companies with deep pockets. Mass tort and class action cases can be even more complex – depending on the facts, the caseload may be too much for a single firm to handle. When you choose Harlan Law to help, you work with proven professionals.

Jordon Harlan has received the SuperLawyers Rising Star Award for three years in a row. He was awarded the California TopVerdicts Award in 2018 and 2019. At Harlan Law, you get the five-star experience, as reviewed by numerous clients on Google, Yelp, Avvo, and Justia. Our team meets the highest standards of integrity, passion, and legal ability. We’re happy to provide references from other law firms with whom we’ve acted as co-counsel.

For an accomplished Southern California co-counsel you can trust, call Harlan Law’s San Diego offices at (619) 870-0802 today. We look forward to working with your firm!

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“I was in a car accident that left me unable to work for several months and that ultimately led to a change of career. Jordon and his colleagues worked hard to make sure I understood the process and each step we were taking during the case. I immediately felt comfortable working with Jordon and his team because they were very genuine and knowledgeable. Jordon and his colleagues truly care about the people they represent. Jordon would call to check-in on my medical progress and to check-in on how I was feeling about the case. This was a very trying time in my life, and Jordon made the whole experience easier. I whole-heartedly recommend Jordan to anyone looking for an attorney. He and his team really exceed expectations.”

Leanora H.